Privacy is our top priority.

eRounds communities contain no Protected Health Information. To protect the information you post to eRounds we use the same level of security used to protect bank transactions and medical records.

Physical Security

Our servers are located in an ISO-27001 certified datacenter that has the highest levels of physical access and security controls in place.


Data Security

eRounds stores sensitive information “at-rest” (i.e., stored on our servers) and “in-motion” (moving between our servers and to your device) using industry “best practice” encryption and/or one-way hashing of data.  eRounds always transmits information securely to your device using “bank-grade” encryption.  This prevents potential hackers from “tapping” a data conversation.


Our unified environment of servers is composed of the best and the safest solutions available. This guarantees the speed of our application and the security of data.  We take special care to always insure that our software and operating systems are up to date, improving the security of the eRounds platform.

Backup and Redundancy

eRounds maintains redundant systems for load-balancing and fail-over to insure the eRounds platform is always available.  We use off-site and local secured backup systems to insure that the system, and your data, is always protected.

Sharing and Permissions

We provide a strong and flexible sharing system to allow you to specify who has an access to the cases that you post.


Our datacenter and platform meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for compliance and audit.  Our servers are constantly being monitored to insure that our users can rely upon eRounds to provide the highest levels of security and performance.

We take patient privacy very seriously.

HIPAA PHI Information

While we provide tools and technology to make PHI removal simple, it is ultimately your responsibility as a member to  keep patient-identifying details from being included in any content posted in eRounds.