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eRounds General is a public community designed for physician activity, but eRounds also offers dedicated communities designed for medical device companies and other groups seeking a secure, moderated, and controlled platform for medical images.  These enterprise communities are managed by their Company Administrators and may be completely private for Company employees only, or semi-private allowing guests by invitation.

Face Time with Clinical Customers is Getting Tougher

Companies must find new ways to connect with the physicians they serve.  This includes hospitals and medical societies and payers, but it also includes device and implant manufacturers. This need is more evident now due to recent regulations and trends in business restricting companies’ usual access to physicians. Companies are charged with doing more with less and also with connecting with doctors in an appropriate and clinically meaningful manner.  eRounds allows customers to interact professionally and responsibly with their clinical customers.

The New Professional Education

In their outreach to physicians, companies may use eRounds for organizing new professional education offerings such as virtual courses, and extending existing “live” in person courses.  Teams established to collect radiographs in eRounds for use in a professional education course make it more efficient for the physician to submit films and for the appropriate parties in house to review these films.  During and after traditional courses physician often desire to remain connected with the faculty for case recommendations and clinical insights.  eRounds effectively extends the reach of traditional courses beyond a typical week-end event and makes it more of a learning continuum.

Making Reps More Relevant

Among their non-physician members, such as field sales consultants, companies must find and embrace more effective ways to communicate potentially sensitive information.  Self-organized teams to discuss strategy, appropriate treatment options, available inventory, and mystery implant removal strategies are some of the internal uses companies have explored with eRounds.

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