Our Story

What inspired us?

eRounds was created because Healthcare Professionals are always on call, even when they aren’t.

Today’s highly-connected mobile world and the “Internet of Everything” seems to have totally bypassed healthcare. It’s been an industry virtually held hostage by big iron, big data, and a gazillion Electronic Medical Records companies – all trying to grab their share of government money. The result? Just try and find a doctor that is pleased with information technology in their chosen field of work.

While consumer-grade social media tools have been expanding exponentially into enterprise versions of themselves in every other industry outside healthcare, it turns out clinical professionals are being vastly underserved, in this regard, at their work. And ironically, healthcare professionals are (expected to be) always on call, even when they aren’t.

Originally conceived in 2011 by Don Lawrence and a team of experienced technology experts and technology-savvy health industry professionals

that were trying to help improve their level of customer service for their clinical customers, eRounds noted that what doctors really want to do is share. They want to quickly share cases or situations (or even just cool images) with people they trust. And they want to do so as easily and naturally as they update Facebook or tweet their thoughts. Dubbed Social Clinicals, they are of age in healthcare, and they are why eRounds was invented.

It’s as if Instagram and Linkedin had a baby that then grew up with Pintrest… and went on to medical school. That would be eRounds.

The principals of social networks, collaboration, and image sharing are applied to a technology platform designed to improve efficiencies and patient care. The result is a platform designed to help healthcare professionals provide the best possible patient care in the most efficient way possible, while helping healthcare companies connect with their clinical clients in a private, protected, and sometimes customized “walled garden” with fully moderated conversations and cases.
In short, we conceived eRounds to fill two big voids in healthcare technology:
1. Physicians’ ability to quickly, easily collaborate with trusted colleagues regardless of location.
eRounds gives physicians around the world the ability to share clinical insights on cases based on a social clinical network of interesting images. Now physicians and those that support them can make smarter decisions faster.
2. Healthcare companies’ ability to connect with their clinical customers, the doctors and nurses.
eRounds radically improves the clinical engagement between physicians and health industry companies such as payers, device companies, and hospital systems.

With eRounds physicians are empowered to share their most challenging cases with other experts and collaborate on the best surgical approach for the patient. Residents can learn and grow by reviewing cases posted by senior experts who carry a wealth of information. Experts can share their experiences to train and teach others. Medical device reps can share images and collaborate on how their devices can change a patient’s life.

eRounds is fostering a revolution in how healthcare is managed and delivered through social and clinical collaboration.