For Clinicians

eRounds for Clinicians.

eRounds allows you to create or join trusted communities for sharing clinical insights with your peers. Whether you choose to keep your cases private, share them with colleagues you know, or share them with everyone in the community, the control is yours. You control your images, who sees them, and you maintain ownership of them.

As a healthcare professional you are always on call, even when you’re not! Now you can collect images and share cases with trusted peers anytime from your iPhone, iPad, or any device with a modern web browser. It’s just that simple. We provide the platform and security… along with built-in tools to help you remove PHI, and you share and collaborate with another colleague, small groups you form or join, or with your entire community.

While every other aspect of a your life has quick access to knowledge, both sharing and receiving, healthcare seems to be lacking immediate, fast, easy tools for doing so. Electronic Medical Records promised they would foster collaboration. But they don’t.

eRounds is a platform designed to serve healthcare professionals who are always on and always have their mobile devices at their side. Those with knowledge are able to quickly share with those that want or need that knowledge. And for what it’s worth, eRounds is interesting and fun to use.

Who uses eRounds?

eRounds is so easy and fast to use you can start sharing images and opinions in seconds. Joining is a matter of downloading and registering the app. To contribute comments or post cases to the eRounds General Community you will need to follow a quick verification process. With Express Verification you can be up and running in minutes.


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