Community Rules

eRounds General Public Community Rules

eRounds is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of patient information according to applicable laws and regulations, and further to complying with the institutional requirements of the customers we serve.

Prior to taking any photographs, videos, or transmitting this type of data in eRounds, you must consider the following:

— Does the facility allow for photographs? If so, did you obtain the necessary permission before posting to eRounds?

— Photographs or videos should never include patient identifiable information, such as name, initials, facial features, tattoos, etc. You must use the included eRounds editing tools to obfuscate such information.

— Approved photographs or videos are only allowed for legitimate business purposes to:

Examples of photographs or videos that are not appropriate may include, but are not limited to, the following:

— Photographs of any hospital records that contain any patient information (patient chart, surgical schedules or boards, date of birth, etc.)

— Photographs of X-Rays or other diagnostic imaging films that contain any Protected Health Information (PHI) that has not been blurred or blocked using the eRounds tools.

— A photograph of a successful surgical implantation taken without authorization from the facility and patient.


eRounds allows users to flag content that they may deem inappropriate or that contains PHI. When content is flagged, notices are sent to the owner of the flagged content and the eRounds administrator.

Responsibility to Comply and Disclose

Failure to comply with these rules may be considered a violation of the eRounds End User License Agreement After a review of the issue, further action may be taken dependent upon the facts of the situation.