May 26 2016 by Don Lawrence

Who Are You?


So you want to post a case to eRounds, but not sure you want the spotlight?  You are not alone.

We started considering the idea of allowing our members to post anonymously late last year.  We kept getting feedback from members who didn’t want other members to know they were posting cases for a number of reasons – privacy concerns, they wanted to avoid the exposure, they wanted completely honest feedback… you name it, we heard it.  We decided that since we’d heard the same thing from several members, it was something that was worth exploring.

Anonymous posts are just that – posts with no user information attached to them.  When you see them in the Showcase, you’ll notice that instead of a clickable user name, they have a generic avatar and “Anonymous User” as a user name.  You can’t click the user name or avatar to find out who created the post and if you are viewing another member’s profile, any anonymous posts they’ve made won’t be visible to you.  Post creators, however, will be able to view their own anonymous posts when they view their profile.

We currently only allow anonymous posts to be shared community-wide in communities where this feature is allowed.  In other words, you can’t make an anonymous post to other individuals or groups of individuals.  This decision was made to prevent Key Opinion Leaders and thought leaders in general from being inundated with anonymous posts.

While you may have the ability to post anonymously to any community you belong to, you will not be able to make comments on other’s posts anonymously.  We are trying to foster an open, honest dialogue between our members and feel that comments require additional credibility.  We think attaching names to posts keeps the dialogue civil.

To make a post anonymous, select the “Post as Anonymous” button during the final step of the post creation process.  Your post will be added to the Showcase, but no one will know who you are.