Oct 08 2014 by Don Lawrence

The Intersection of Healthcare and Mobility – HealthTech 2014

As eRounds gears up to attend the HealthTech Conference in San Mateo, October 14-15, we thought it proper to share our thoughts on the evolving intersection of healthcare and mobility.

The healthcare industry has been forced to go mobile because doctors, nurses and other staff members need information on-the-go, but also to share that information with their ecosystem of peers and support staff.

Sure, there are PCs and workstations for checking electronic medical records and charts, looking up dosage information and printing follow-up instructions for a patient, but what hasn’t existed until now is the ability to collaborate and share cases with the intent to improve overall patient care.

The intersection of mobility and healthcare is now and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. Imagine being given the freedom to capture a patient image (CT, MRI or x-ray) with a mobile device, immediately share that image in a secure online environment with clinical peers and then collaborate, obtain expert opinions and make an informed decision with 100% confidence that it’s the best one for your patient? Well it’s not just imaginary, it’s happening now thanks to some disruptive innovation.

This innovation is transforming the healthcare industry in a massive way. And while there are regulations regarding patient privacy and data security that have the potential to inhibit this innovative progress, there are safeguards that can be put in place to avoid them. So what are companies doing about privacy concerns? At eRounds, we take privacy very seriously. This is why we have a two-step process for ensuring patient privacy. First, we have a proprietary validation method to ensure each physician accepted to our network is truly a practicing clinician. Second and most importantly, we include a built-in toolset in our mobile app that enables the clinician to swipe away any and all patient information.

The bottom line is that there is a new intersection and it crosses mobility and healthcare and while the concerns may be vast, the productivity benefits that mobility creates in the clinical arena are just too promising. The eRounds social collaboration and image sharing platform is delivering extremely disruptive innovation in improving the quality of patient care by opening what was a previously a closed and archaic method of collaboration amongst global healthcare professionals.