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Jun 22 2016 by Don Lawrence

One of the new features we are especially excited about is the ability for our members to upload PDFs to their posts.  If you’ve been wishing you could upload your supporting images, documents, studies, or the like available in a

Jun 07 2016 by Don Lawrence

We are so excited to make eRounds available on the web.  Our initial strategy to focus on iOS devices in order to prove our product concept has been very successful.  Now, thanks to a lot of feedback and hard work,

May 26 2016 by Don Lawrence

So you want to post a case to eRounds, but not sure you want the spotlight?  You are not alone. We started considering the idea of allowing our members to post anonymously late last year.  We kept getting feedback from members

May 16 2016 by Don Lawrence

When we first launched nearly two years ago, eRounds was available exclusively for Apple (iOS) devices and was exactly what we intended for it to be – image sharing for healthcare professionals.  But as our market has grown, so have

Jan 08 2016 by Don Lawrence

We did it.  We built the first social/clinical network for sharing medical images and thoughts with those you trust, and we did it while exceeding the government guidelines related to HIPAA security in the HITECH Act.  Regardless of these standards,

Jan 04 2016 by Don Lawrence

One of the highlights of 2015 was partnering with the Congress of Neurosurgeons to launch mCase Exchange, a private eRounds community for their 5,000+ members.  Our platform empowers surgeon members to collaborate on cases and share ideas with one another

Dec 14 2015 by Don Lawrence

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and if that is indeed the case, then is medical image-based collaboration the most efficient way for healthcare providers to communicate?  We believe so. When we developed the world’s

Sep 18 2015 by Don Lawrence

The Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) is an organization with a strong reputation of innovation, both in medical advancements and education. With more than 8,000 members around the world, CNS has a proven history of inspiring its members to continuously

Aug 26 2015 by Don Lawrence

  Quick question: Who is your mentor?   I’m willing to bet a person, a face, a phone number comes to your mind almost immediately. It’s the person who helped you through your years in residency and is still the first person you

Aug 05 2015 by Don Lawrence

Surgeons choosing to specialize in a particular area of medicine are a valuable resource to the healthcare industry as a whole. It’s their unique bodies of highly specific knowledge that help diagnose even the most rare and unusual cases.   That’s why

Jun 05 2015 by Don Lawrence

Mobile device usage is growing rapidly in the healthcare industry. Recent studies have shown that many surgeons and medical device sales reps are going mobile in their daily jobs to help improve their productivity. Smartphones and tablets have enabled surgeons to

May 11 2015 by Don Lawrence

There is talk in the medical device industry about a rep-less sales model to help hospitals reduce costs associated with medical devices. In the current environment, it’s not uncommon to find a rep in the operating room during surgery, providing

Apr 27 2015 by Don Lawrence

Today’s news that the industry and government are playing with the idea of moving breakthrough medical devices for life threatening ailments through the FDA approval process for faster time to market is nothing short of fantastic for medical device companies.

Apr 13 2015 by Don Lawrence

I had the pleasure of reading a nice little piece in the Cincinnati Business Courier a few days ago about radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital @CincyKidsRad taking the lead on social media related to their specialty – radiology. It seems

Feb 10 2015 by Blake Burdeen

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/  – eRounds, a pioneer in social clinical healthcare, today announced the creation of a spinal medical advisory board, led by renowned spinal surgeon, Lawrence Lenke, M.D. The board will be composed of four spine

Dec 10 2014 by Don Lawrence

It’s an exciting time to practice medicine in healthcare’s digital coming of age as new technologies are emerging daily with the promise of disrupting what has traditionally been a very slow-to-change industry.   There’s no denying that two very distinct worlds –

Nov 24 2014 by Don Lawrence

Becoming a “Social Clinical” Spine Surgeon I recently read an article in Spine-Health that highlighted 3 tips for finding the right spine surgeon. While the 3 tips definitely caught my attention, the first paragraph of the piece really struck me, as

Nov 06 2014 by Don Lawrence

As we approach the end of 2014, we are seeing an increase in the adoption of mHealth technologies in healthcare organizations. Mobile devices are gaining a lot of traction as physicians, surgeons and medical staff members begin to recognize the

Oct 22 2014 by Don Lawrence

Eleanor Kennedy Staff Reporter- Nashville Business Journal Email  |  Twitter

Oct 22 2014 by Don Lawrence

Image Sharing Platform Enables Physicians & Medical Device Companies to Improve Patient Outcomes   NASHVILLE, TN–(Marketwired – Oct 22, 2014) – eRounds, a pioneer in social clinical healthcare, announced today the BETA release of their image sharing and social collaboration platform and

Oct 16 2014 by Don Lawrence

Over the past 5 years, the healthcare industry has had a fair share of setbacks when it comes to the marketing and selling of medical devices to doctors. These setbacks are making it more difficult for device reps and surgeons

Oct 08 2014 by Don Lawrence

As eRounds gears up to attend the HealthTech Conference in San Mateo, October 14-15, we thought it proper to share our thoughts on the evolving intersection of healthcare and mobility. The healthcare industry has been forced to go mobile because

Oct 02 2014 by Don Lawrence

Now is one of the most exciting times to practice medicine with our “digital coming of age”. Social media platforms have become all the rage for connecting, sharing and collaborating from a consumer perspective, but we feel strongly that niche

Sep 22 2014 by Don Lawrence

My name is Don Lawrence and I’m the founder and CEO of eRounds, a social, clinical collaboration platform company. For those of you who know me, you may be asking why I started eRounds considering my long history in the medical