Apr 13 2015 by Don Lawrence

Social Collaboration and Image Sharing Hitting Healthcare Industry

I had the pleasure of reading a nice little piece in the Cincinnati Business Courier a few days ago about radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital @CincyKidsRad taking the lead on social media related to their specialty – radiology. It seems that the healthcare industry (especially hospitals) are seeing the value of social collaboration and image sharing in their field. Using a mobile app that enables surgeons and physicians to upload CTs, MRIs, X-Rays and ultrasounds to share with peers and network on the best possible cures isn’t new. However, we are starting to see more healthcare providers jump on the bandwagon of what we call “social clinicals.”  This breed of provider has a few commonalities, including wanting to see improved patient outcomes and the wisdom to know that social collaboration around patient cases is the “new norm.”

What we found most interesting about the article is the notion of patient privacy. eRounds takes patient privacy very seriously, which is why our platform has purpose-built privacy and security measures in place. In our opinion, it is one of the best collaboration platforms offering robust tools to ensure patient privacy. This is exactly why medical device companies, surgeon societies and associations, as well as practitioners use our platform.


But as the article pointed out, leaders in the healthcare field, like Cincinnati Children’s are finding social tools to be a new and innovative way to educate colleagues around the globe. They remove geographic barriers. A physician or surgeon in India can now collaborate with a best-of-breed physician or surgeon in the U.S. on the best approach to a spine correction or maxillofacial deformity by privately posting their patient’s medical images and collaborating with experts around the world.

This type of focused platform for the healthcare industry is taking hold because sites like Instagram don’t allow for the type of privacy needed to meet regulatory standards. In addition, they are very focused and controlled within the healthcare realm.

While we are fond of some of the tools and platforms available today, we really want to reiterate the importance of ensuring you have the best possible patient privacy features available in any social clinical tool you decide to leverage.

Overall we are just very pleased to see the rise of social collaboration and image sharing in healthcare as we are finally breaking barriers to improving patient outcomes.