May 16 2016 by Don Lawrence

Five Great New Features You Should Know About

iPad Comments

When we first launched nearly two years ago, eRounds was available exclusively for Apple (iOS) devices and was exactly what we intended for it to be – image sharing for healthcare professionals.  But as our market has grown, so have we!  After several iterations and lots of testing, we are pleased to announce several new and exciting features available NOW to all of our eRounds users.

Anonymous Posts

Have something you want to say, but don’t want members to know who said it?  Whether for confidentiality purposes or because you prefer to avoid the spotlight, we now allow anonymous posting in all of our communities.  As always, comments are NOT anonymous, but you can rest assured that your anonymous posts will not be visible when other users view your profile.

To make a post anonymous, select the “Post as Anonymous” button during the final step of the post creation process.  Please note, we currently only allow anonymous posting for public posts.  If you want to share a post with a group or individual(s), you will not be able to post anonymously.

Browser Access

You can now use eRounds on any web browser – including your Android mobile device.  The current browser version features the same user-friendly interface and feature set, including PHI removal tools, that are available in the latest iOS release.

To access eRounds on your computer or mobile browser, simply visit and select Login at the top of your screen.  If you are a CNS mCase Exchange user, you can access the site at  If you need help accessing your account, please click here to request assistance and we will get you up and running in no time.

Post Linking

You now have the ability to link your post to other relevant posts within eRounds.  We think you’ll find this feature particularly helpful when referencing similar posts or pathologies. 

To link your post to another post, simply select “Add Post Link” on the browser site or press the “+” on the links page in the mobile app.  A list of recently visited posts will appear and you can select the one(s) that you would like to link to.  Once your post is finalized and submitted to the Showcase, there will be a link between the posts and a comment on the original post letting the post owner know that those posts are now linked.

PDF Uploads

One feature we are particularly excited about is the ability for our members to upload PDFs to their posts.  If you have supporting images, documents, studies, or the like available in a PDF, they can now be added to your posts.  The same rules that apply to images in eRounds also apply to PDFs – they cannot include PHI.

To attach files, select the paperclip icon to access your files.  If you are in the app, you will need to locate your PDF, hold your finger on the file name, and select “Copy to eRounds” when the menu appears.  Once your PDF has been copied to eRounds, the app will reopen and let you know you have a PDF file available.  Press “Okay” and from here, you can either add it to an existing post by editing a previous post or a new post during the post creation process.  Tap the paperclip, select your file, and press save to add the PDF to your post.


See a post you like?  Press the thumbs up icon and like it.  We’ve added a new sort filter for you too – you can filter by Relevance (default), Timeline, or Liked.  If you select Liked, you’ll see all the posts in eRounds starting with those that have the most likes.  You can also see which posts you’ve liked by visiting the Liked tab on your profile.

We are excited about these new features – and we think you will be too.  Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in a future version.  We’d love to hear your thoughts!