Oct 02 2014 by Don Lawrence

Clinical Collaboration:  Around the Corner or Around the World

Now is one of the most exciting times to practice medicine with our “digital coming of age”. Social media platforms have become all the rage for connecting, sharing and collaborating from a consumer perspective, but we feel strongly that niche industry use cases – specifically in the healthcare industry – are what will make the promise of social collaboration really big and really impactful.

We’ve seen the trend of more collaboration across the patient-to-physician relationship where patients can now message providers over the Internet, review test results online and obtain prescription notifications via their mobile devices. And we’ve seen physician-to-physician communication become more secure, particularly in SMS and texting.

But now the “social” collaboration trend is also growing in the physician-to-physician sphere. New innovations in technology are fostering a whole new level of clinical image sharing, knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer engagement – not just between two doctors from the same city, but from a global community. The “social-clinicals” are voicing their opinions and sharing their expertise!

As a physician, you are a lifelong learner, making it imperative to embrace new ways of improving patient care. Whether you’re a new resident or a 60-year old spine surgeon, new technological advances do have the power to transform the way you learn and educate as part of the bigger clinical community. However, we understand that technological innovations don’t always live up to their promises as we have witnesses with “big iron” and the promise of fully integrated medical records. So why should you even look at another “device” to add to your repertoire? Because we created eRounds just for you!

If you are eager to share and receive unbiased, expert opinions with a global community of like-minded providers, not just the doctor around the corner, eRounds is for you. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world of providing healthcare, timing is everything, so the ability to communicate and collaborate in real-time is crucial. We also know that patient privacy is of the utmost importance.

eRounds is a social collaboration and image-sharing platform that offers a natural way to communicate, engage and share while maintaining patient privacy – all from your mobile devices or via the Web. Are you ready to change the face of patient care?