Jun 22 2016 by Don Lawrence

Adding PDFs to Posts


One of the new features we are especially excited about is the ability for our members to upload PDFs to their posts.  If you’ve been wishing you could upload your supporting images, documents, studies, or the like available in a PDF, they can now be added to your posts.  The same rules that apply to images in eRounds also apply to PDFs – they cannot include PHI.

We’ve found that this tool is great for all applications of eRounds – medical and professional.  Sometimes you just need a supporting document to go along with a post and now you can add them.  We’ve seen members upload white papers, technical specifications, brochures and more to their new (and existing) posts.

To attach files, select the paperclip icon to access your files.  If you are in the app, you will need to locate your PDF, hold your finger on the file name, and select “Copy to eRounds” when the menu appears.  Once your PDF has been copied to eRounds, the app will reopen and let you know you have a PDF file available.  Press “Okay” and from here, you can either add it to an existing post by editing a previous post or a new post during the post creation process.  Tap the paperclip, select your file, and press save to add the PDF to your post.