Aug 05 2015 by Don Lawrence

A New Platform for Medical Specialty Organizations

Team Of Doctors Examining Reports

Surgeons choosing to specialize in a particular area of medicine are a valuable resource to the healthcare industry as a whole. It’s their unique bodies of highly specific knowledge that help diagnose even the most rare and unusual cases.


That’s why eRounds is pleased to announce a new value proposition designed especially for specialty healthcare organizations.


Medical associations now have the ability to create and private-label a secure communication community within the eRounds platform, ideal for sharing interesting or puzzling cases with a verified community of peers.


These professional communities offer a powerful, fast, and secure way to share cases within an organized group or directly to any other individual member of the association. In addition, association members have the ability to create sub-specialty groups or join a group that is already established within the platform.


Private communities can be self-funded, or a collaborative arrangement can be made to allow for shared revenue on sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are not display ads. Rather, they will be very relevant cases and announcements sponsored by a community advocate and are highly targeted to each recipient’s interests.


“Our association program connects only the leading medical associations with doctors and their peers around the country or the world,” says Don Lawrence, the CEO and founder of eRounds. “It gives them a fast, secure, private way to share all types of images and allows for free flowing image-based collaboration.”


The professional community platform offers a much more secure method for achieving collaboration than text messaging or emailing images that could contain personal health information.


Verified users within each community will have the ability to share successes, learn from peers around the world, and even create a private collection of cases for easy reference.


Dr. David Powers, advisor to eRounds and doctor of plastic, reconstructive, maxillofacial and oral surgery at Duke University Medical Center, stresses the importance of using a secured, verified community, which is one of the critical components of the eRounds platform.


“Physicians should be cautious of emerging ‘social’ platforms, and more specifically, the presumed users of these platforms,” he says. “The eRounds private community for medical associations serves as your guarantee that you know with whom you are sharing cases.”


Image-sharing technology is also applicable across any medical specialty. Every specialized field, from dermatology to ophthalmology and neurology, has a visual element of some sort that could benefit from an image-sharing platform like eRounds.


Moving to a secure mobile platform makes sense in today’s healthcare association landscape, according to Dr. Brian O’Shaughnessy, the chief medical officer for eRounds.


“More and more millennials are advancing in their careers and becoming doctors,” he says. “We call them the ‘social clinicals’ and they expect a platform like eRounds to be a part of their clinical life. It’s a very natural extension for them.”


For more information about creating a private, secure community for your medical association, contact us today.