Adding PDFs to Posts

Dr. John Buglino
1 minute ago
I know that system. You should be able to remove it with the Universal Removal Set in CS.
Dr. Daniel Lee
49 minutes ago
I have this revision next week. Unknown implants. Anyone know what it is or how to remove?

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Create cases with de-identified images from any current
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Use existing images or take new photos, use included PHI-removal tools, and create cases for a private case log or to share with others. 

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M.D. Collaboration Gone Mobile

Always on and always in your pocket.  Physicians now have the ability to exchange opinions with trusted experts when it’s  convenient, not when chained to their desktop connected to the hospital.

Health Companies Connect to Customers

Face time with clinical clients has always been a challenge.  Now health industry companies have a meaningful, relevant way to engage physicians on case reviews, new products, and professional education.

Physician & Patient Privacy

We take privacy and security very seriously.  Even without patient identifiers, content in eRounds is treated like financial data.  Please see our privacy and security statement.

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Medical societies and health companies concerned with liability related to content may form custom eRounds communities dedicated to their members and featuring fully moderated content.

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